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Greener concrete

ID: F1512-01

Brand new concrete products have been designed to fulfill the competitive and cost-efficient requirements of the construction industry while at the same time reducing the sector’s effect on the environment. This will lead to the make of more sustainable and energy-efficient concrete for both ready-mixed and pre-cast applications. For the minute, the main exploitable outcomes concern several novel types of aggregates and binders made completely from second natural materials (such as plastic waste, electrical and electronic equipment waste, polyurethane foam and municipal solid waste), the combination of these novel items in an energy-efficient lightweight concrete made of all second materials along with a choice help tool to assist manage and share EU waste stream information. The lightweight, eco-friendly, cost-efficient and all-waste concrete products developed are applicable for both ready-mixed products (floor screed and flooring screed underlay) and pre-casted applications. Improvements in the power efficiency of structures built with this concrete were checked. The prototypes were additionally assessed in terms of their mechanical, thermal and acoustic insulation properties and fire resistance. An exploitation plan has today been created in purchase to drive forward concepts that are deemed to have commercial potential. This plan contains a complete list of exploitable outcomes, a description of each result, a description and a quick exploitation plan. Finally, the project’s outcomes will contribute towards reducing the embodied power and CO2 footprint of concrete through the replacement of conventional binders with novel binders made from second materials. The new tangible concepts created by combining these new novel aggregates and binders will provide improved thermal insulation properties, and enable architects and builders to integrate greater overall performance requirements in both design and construction.



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